Notecards of your favorite Eastern Sierra Landscapes printed on premium 5 x 7" cardstock with envelopes.

#7 Mt Williamson/Clouds

#2 Mount Tom

#1 Bullfrog Lake         

#10 Temple Crag, Second Lake

#3 Mobius Arch

#4 Mt Williamson/Owens Valley

#9 The Minarets

The Minarets

Mount Whitney Massif

High Quality Prints

Iconic Sierra Peaks  -After Sepia Watercolor and Gouache Paintings

Printed on archival card stock.

Approx. Image size: 9..5 x 13.5"

Each print includes 16 x 20” mat and backing, ready for framing

Only 39.00 each​​

  #5 Manzanar Tower                       

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#6 Bishop Creek Aspens

#8 Mount Whitney

Only 5.00/ea. Minimum order of 10 -mix or match. Free shipping in California.​​

Ten Notecard Designs to Choose From

 Art Inspired By California's Eastern Sierra